Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things That Are Ruining Your Health

Your body and mind are your most valuable assets so take control of your wellness. You must be aware of the right food to eat and the proper activities to do. At the same time, you must be wary of the things that are ruining your health.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Alcohol causes dehydration which can lead to other serious health problems. When you drink alcoholic beverages, notice that you are frequently urinating. Alcohol is a diuretic which means it removes water from your body rapidly, and reduces the vitamins and minerals present in your body. Some say that drinking alcoholic beverages is acceptable when done moderately. However, medical practitioners claim that it is still harmful because alcohol contains Tyramine, a known component that raises one's blood pressure. Drinking carbonated beverages such as soda is also one of the things that are ruining your health. Soda overloads your body with sugar. A constantly high sugar level leads to a condition called Diabetes. When this condition is not addressed immediately, it may lead to serious complications like a cardiovascular disease, Neuropathy, Retinopathy and kidney damage.

Aside from alcoholic beverages and soda, another drink you should cut back on is coffee. Too much caffeine could greatly affect the heart, can cause the nervous system to go haywire, and may result to Acid Reflux or Heartburn.

Eating too much fast food is among the top things that are ruining your health. Since fast food is almost always deep fried, you are consuming tons of calories. Also, fast food has high values of Trans and Saturated fats. Too much of these in the body will result to a high cholesterol level and will put you at risk of various heart diseases. Too much salt, additives, and the lack of vitamins and minerals make fast food one of the worst things you can have.

How Taking Vitamins can Do More Harm than Good

Health-conscious people often supplement their health habits with taking vitamins and other supplements. It is one thing to take multivitamins, but it's another thing to take too many of these things. You have to remember that you do not need to take a pill for everything. Overdosing on vitamins can damage your organs like the kidneys. It may also lead to severe neurological and cardiovascular conditions.


Physical stress ranks high among the things that are ruining your health. Stress increases the rate of aging and makes you weak to fight off other health conditions. Do not overexert yourself, especially when trying out a physical activity for the first time. Always allow your body to recover after a strenuous activity.

Psychological stress can also affect your well-being. Stay calm and relaxed. Stop worrying on the little things. Try to control your anger and anxiety. Excessive mental and emotional stress can lead to serious health issues such as a stroke or heart attack.

Bad Habits

Having a sedentary lifestyle leads to many health problems like obesity. Watching too much television and staying in front of the computer for a long time can easily lead to an inactive lifestyle. In line with this, try to avoid staying up late at night. Lack of sleep increases the rate of aging, weakens the immune system, and keeps your brain from functioning at full capacity the next day.

Last on the list is cigarette smoking. It is perhaps the most crucial item on the list of things that could ruin your health. Smoking causes a host of health problems, including lung cancer and various heart diseases. Smoking is so dangerous that even second-hand smoke can alter a person's health. It is crucial to kill this habit before it kills you.

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