Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rehabilitation Takes Time

The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous had the best of intentions when they started the group. Their goal was to help those who had lost the control in their lives to alcohol. Other groups like Narcotics Anonymous soon followed suit and adopted their model of the twelve steps. Even with the best of intentions these programs do not work for the majority of people who attend them. Nowadays, new choices are available which more people have achieved success then did with the prior outdated model. They are various non 12 step drug rehab programs – and help people get their life back.

Take a Chance on Something Different

The party line of 12 step programs is that addiction is progressive and there is no cure. This is the same belief for all types of chemical dependency. An individual has to hit their lowest low and once this happens the person is compelled to seek help.

The reality is this is misinformation. There is a cure for addiction, as well as, there are a lot of people who use for years on end without it manifesting into a major problem. It may not be as noticeable as someone in a full-blown addicted state, but it affects the person’s life. Their career and personal life are impacted because of their steady and constant use.

An addicted person can get control in their life through other treatment options. The level of addiction doesn’t matter. The sooner a person gets the help they need the better it is for them. Coming back from rock bottom is an extremely difficult task. The moment to seek help is when a person is using mood altering substances to prop up their life.

What Success is Composed Of

The usual length of stay in a long-term non 12 step rehab is ninety days, sometimes longer if need be. They usually have two parts to them. One is to take care of the physical side of addiction and the other deals with the mental. Treating the physical and not just the emotional side offers a powerful solution to the problem of addiction. For the majority of people who attend them, 70-80% it is a lasting one. Traditional rehab leaves out the physical component which partly explains why the far majority result in failure.

It can be difficult to find the right facility with the correct fit. Different things will be needed by each individual based on their preferences. An addiction counselor can help sift through the thousands of rehabs to find the best match. All a person is tasked with at that point is a firm intention of getting better and cured of their addiction.

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