Friday, December 2, 2011

Anti Aging Skin Tightening Solutions for Men and Women

There are many skin tightening solutions available when we begin to show the signs of aging. Although aging is the most common cause of sagging skin, there are others. After pregnancy, surgery, weight loss, etc, sagging skin can become a problem. Sagging jowls, which appear on our face, are generally caused by extreme weight loss or aging. Weight loss can cause loose skin in every part of the body. Sun damage, genetics and gravity can also be a factor in loose skin. As we age, gravity results in drooping skin and our face looses volume. There is a solution regardless of the problem.

Among the solutions available are creams that have been shown to be very successful in tightening the skin. Creams that contain elastin and collagen, will give the best results. Although, creams usually work best on younger skin, such as someone who has had recent weight loss or pregnancy, they can also be used for older skin as well. The skin of a senior may not obtain the same results but should show some improvement. Creams will also assist in evening skin tone, brightening dull skin as well as reducing wrinkles. Research has shown that Latino, Asian and African American skin obtains be best results with a cream.

Another of the skin tightening solutions is in the form of a lotion. These are available for all skin types. Many of the lotions and creams can also be used as a healing agent or to correct dry skin. There are lotions that can be used for the entire body, including face, neck, arms, legs, stomach and buttocks. By using these lotions you can obtain firmer, tighter skin and a reduction of cellulite. They can also be used to moisten and hydrate the skin.

For many years, the only solution to sagging skin was plastic surgery. That can be costly and is not without danger, as with any type of surgery. If the creams and lotions do not give the results you are looking for, there are other treatments available. Injections, such as Restylane, Juvederm, etc. can be used to fill out areas of the face by restoring volume. These usually last for about a year. In addition, there are skin tightening devices used by physicians, such as Thermage or TITAN to tighten the skin. There is also laser skin surfacing. These treatments should always be performed by an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. It is best to find one with excellent referrals.

When you decide that you need a solution to your sagging skin, select the treatment that provides the results you are seeking. You should always check with a professional before starting any of these procedures

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